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Hi! Welcome to my personalised blog, which reviews Travel, Wellbeing, Lifestyle, & now Poetry too


Drifting from one drab student room to the other, has helped me learn a few ways to add a splash of excitement to bedroom interior


I am the type of person who will constantly beg “Oh just let me take one more picture!” Taking pictures is one of my pleasures & every piece of writing will incorporate some stunning shots


Feeling mentally good is something this blog pays a great attention to. Happiness is everything to a lot of us, so we should be finding ways to increase our serotonin levels


Lately I have really enjoyed creating makeup looks, if you want to have a mooch have a look at my Instagram page


 “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

Sylvia Plath

I studied English Literature as an undergraduate, and fell in love escaping into books. Book reviews is definitely something I will be trying next


This blog I have created for fun! However, it’s also a way to to achieve my goal of becoming a more successful writer. I hope you enjoy it!

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