On the 18th of December, me and my boyfriend had our Christmasy city break in Dublin 🎄🗾💫

Seeing the city for the first time (on a v rainy and windy day!!!), I found that marvelling at the buildings was enough entertainment in itself🙌

If you’re travelling to a city, it’s always good to go for somewhere aesthetically pleasing, just incase the weather tries to intrude🌧

Although Dublin’s architecture was stunning, it was the culture itself which I found made the city come to life🍻

Never have I experienced a bar where an elderly man in the corner starts belting out an Irish song 🤣

We did A LOT considering we only had three days such as, the Guinness Storehouse, Arnotts, the Catherdral and Dublins’s iconic castle…

I’d 100000% recommend the Guinness Storehouse simply because you literally experience Dublin’s history in just a few hours, and more importantly get a nice cold pint of Guinness ahhhh.

Speaking of history, part of the Scouse accent is derived from drunk Irish sailors, which as a Scouse bird, made the experience even more interesting for me🙌

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