Helloooo! I’ve created this blog to escape to all things I love + obsess with. I hope you enjoy coming with me on my adventures. I’ll also be supplying tips on that big ol’ thing… life

Through blogging, I want to share with you the magical places I have visited, & hopefully give you any heads up, or down, on these destinations

This year I thought it would be a good idea to do a Masters, mainly because I wasn’t ready for the big, scary world (who is). Although I studied English Lit for my honours, I wanted to mix things up a bit, which is why I am now studying journalism

Along the way, I have learnt that I find so much joy in being creative, and my Masters has definitely helped me learn a thing or two! This is why I decided to add a section on poetry. I love the feeling I get after I’ve created a poem. So this blog is just as much for my own pleasure than a way of enhancing skills.

One of my main passions is finding ways to be happier, whether its adapting lifestyle behaviours, or experiencing new things. This is why I wanted to write about Travel, Wellbeing and Beauty, because, for me, all of these factors of life contribute to my overall happiness

As I have got older I have such a thirst for travel, to delve into various cultures through their food, lifestyle & art. Hopefully, this blog will encourage me to travel even more, so I can share my thoughts with you all. I hope you enjoy reading these posts & that you benefit from some of the advice x

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