How to make your drab uni room “extra cute”

Basic student chest of drawers transformed through elaborate decor (Image: By Georgia Beech)

This is the standard bedroom furniture, which you will without a doubt, come across at some point of being a student.

Basic, but extremely useful for adding a sparkle of yourself.

The decorative tray I bought from Matalan, for what was only £8!!

It makes a bold, colourful statement, whilst also turning the eyes away from the unimpressive drawers.

Matalan has lots of cute homey statements, most of which are in the student budget of under a tenner.

To get a tad more extra with my chest of drawers, I ventured onto Amazon where I treated myself to two matching makeup brush holders- (for my many, many makeup brushes).

These ceramic, marbled pots were about a tenner each, but there were plenty more on Amazon that were more affordable.

I have to admit though, the mirror is my all time favourite.

I managed to grab this mirror at the Dunelm sale a few years back.

Dunelm always seems to have eccentric mirrors on offer, which scream “buy me”!!! So I did hehe…

Birds eye view of my drawers (Image: By Georgia Beech)

(Also, got to have a pair of lashes handy a long with the chaotic lifestyle of a student!!!)

I spoke to a few other students about ways they have added some flavour to the bland walls of a student rental.

Student Grace, aged 21, said:

I used a colour theme (pink of course!!!), which makes my boring uni room a bit more exciting.

The green carpets, and curtains was definitely a no go for me.”

Grace also added:

“I also invested in some fairy lights, and candles to make the room nice, and cosy.”

Fake plants are essential too, as it makes the room extra cute!

Living away from home can be challenging at times, which is why I enjoy bringing my most precious memories with me.

Make sure you find room for your favourite pictures, as it helps bring your room to life.

Previous student Tom, aged 23, provided his tips on spicing a uni room up. Tom said:

“I loved and still love buying oil burners.”

” Also, GOOD bedding is a must in my opinion, spend good money on good bedding.”

I filled my wardrobe up with all the photos from first year of uni, it’s always funny to be reminded of memories, good and bad.

“Then, I pinned up the next place I wanted to travel, so that it was a daily reminder to keep pushing myself towards my goal.”

Desk and bookshelf (Image: By Georgia Beech)

Something I underestimated before I came to uni, was the power of storage boxes.

They really have made a massive difference to my overall organisation.

It’s so easy to just lash all your fiddly bits into one drawer, and lose your micellar water.

I’ve found organising my products really beneficial, and just gives off a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Desk from an angle (Image: By Georgia Beech)

The geometric styled shelf, (behind the circular mirror), I discovered in the home department of Primark.

Primark is another great place for quirky statements, and with this one, in particular, adds a modern touch.

Plus, it’s very useful for carrying my many scented candles, which I find essential after a stressful day.

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