Climbing, culture, and capricious weather in the beautiful Betsw-y-Coed

Words and Images by Georgia Beech

Betsw-y-Coed is a remarkable village in the the Borough of Conwy, North Wales, which offers spectacular sights

I visited this jewel, which rests in Snowdonia Forest, on a sunny Sunday with my boyfriend

We arrived in the morning hours to make the most of the day, starting with a much-needed English Breaky

It was roughly a one hour car journey to Betws-y-Coed from Chester, and by this time me and my boyfriend were absolutely famished (obviously)

Snowdonia Station cafe: Image by Georgia Beech

The Snowdonia Station cafe was the first place we found, and due to our greedy bellies, we were reluctant to spend anymore time searching for food

This cafe was fairly standard in terms of service, but I have to admit I did enjoy the train station theme of the place

It also offered a variety of veggie, and vegan food, as well as delicious sausages

As I knew we had a big day ahead, I opted for a veggie breakfast, because I find it makes me feel more energised, and less groggy than a meaty one

I’d say there were definitely cuter cafes to try out in the village, but I would recommend this if you just fancy a filling, and fairly priced meal

Deeper into Betws-y-Coed: Image by Georgia Beech

A completely awe-inspiring scenery was within walking distance from the shopping retail

I suddenly became very excitable, and eager to explore the fairytale-like Falls

A local resident said: “You must go and see Swallow Falls whilst you are here, everyone travels to see it!”

Information board: Image by Georgia Beech

There are multiple routes you can take to hike around the Falls, which lead to different aspects of the Fall

Foolishly, me and Jake thought we were fit enough to tackle the 10km walk (I panted like a thirsty dog the whole time)

Snowdonia Forest: By Georgia Beech

The steep, incline walk up the mountains was a real struggle for me

However, I could just about make out the distant murmur of the Waterfalls over the sound of my own raged breathing

The sensational sound reminded me of the purpose of our Sunday hike, and ultimately kept me going

Llyn Elsie: Image by Georgia Beech

Two hours into our tough walk we discovered a hidden lake (Lake Llyn Elsie), which is buried deep into the heart of the Forest

It was surprisingly stunning, and we stood in awe just taking in the landscape for a short while

We also took this opportunity to get an ‘adorable’ selfie #ForTheGram

Selfie: By Georgia Beech

Continuing our walk we started to notice some drastic weather changes

The higher we climbed, the more bi-polar the weather was becoming, and we certainly had not dressed well for the occasion

It began hail-stoning, and at this point we were above the trees, where there was nothing to shield us from the stones hitting our non-waterproof clothing

A bit of advice, please please please take a bottle of water, and clothing that won’t allow you to become a drowned rat (like me)

Above the Tree Tops: Image By Georgia Beech

Being above the tree tops is a surreal experience

It enabled me to see past any barriers I had in my life, and gave me a big hug of self-accomplishment

What I enjoyed about this town is how they have protected the historical value, which made it even more of an unforgettable experience

For me, the place evoked feelings of magic, taking me to another time, one where anything is possible

Part of Swallow Falls: Image By Georgia Beech

I dream of travelling back to this beauteous place, and I intend to explore more of what it has to offer

For more information on Betws-y-Coed I have added some links you may find useful:

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