Black Lives Matter

Image: By Georgia Beech

Blazing our own streets, so someone will see our despair,

Lives are lost, white people are starting to care.

Angels are free from the prejudice of race,

Celestial city, unbound from the colour of ones face.

Ku Klax Klan poisoned this earth, but if they bled it would be red, like the blood of a black man.

Listen now before it is too late!

Inequality exists, and so does hate.

Venture to a place in yourself, full of love and compassion,

Empathy is key and so is your passion.

Sail further than you were raised, let the anchor go, and follow your rage

My heart beats with yours,

And I know I will never know what it is like,

To walk down the street and see a policeman waiting to strike.

Togetherness will get us where we need to be,

Equality is what we want and need to see.

Remember those who the angels have taken, for now it is time for society to awaken.  

By Georgia Beech

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