A Liverpool guide: The best five places to walk in and around the city

With another lockdown imposed on our city, I wanted to share my favourite outdoor spaces to escape to.

A restrictive set of rules has been imposed on Liverpool, as the city has been placed into Tier 3 lockdown.

Many have voiced their concerns about their mental wellbeing, especially as winter looms, and the dark nights are creeping in.

Despite the constraints, outdoor parks, and green spaces are still accessible, which is why I want to rank my top five walks in and around Liverpool.

  1. Sefton Park, Aigburth
Sefton Park: Image by Georgia Beech

Sefton Park is located in Southern Liverpool, in the quirky village of Aigburth.

This vast green space is thriving with students, and edgy individuals, which distinguishes the place.

There are many different parts to explore, making it a diverting walk for all ages.

Plus, Lark Lane is on the edge of the Park, which offers independent restaurants for those of you wanting to make a day of it.

Although, some businesses may be closed due to Covid, there are still places encouraging the public to eat out.

2. Crosby Beach, Crosby

Crosby Beach: Image by Georgia Beech

Stretched across the Merseyside coastline, Crosby beach offers a spectacular view of the Irish sea with a backdrop of the Welsh mountains.

I aim to visit this beach as much as possible because I feel euphoric after an hours walk along the charming coast.

Personally, I find that life’s difficulties weigh a lot less after gazing into the boundless horizon.

However, the temperature has dropped a great amount in these past few weeks, so make sure you wrap up, and of course abide by social distancing measures.

3. Fairy Glen, Parbold

Fairy Glen: Image by Georgia Beech

Fairy Glen is situated on the outskirts of Liverpool in the countryside of Warrington.

This hidden space, possesses a magic charm, with its tall trees and trickling waterfalls. It truly is beautiful.

Although, it is not a long walk, it is definitely worth a visit.

4. Lydiate loop

Leeds and Liverpool canal: Image by Georgia Beech

The Leeds and Liverpool canal is a picturesque walk in the rural village of Lydiate.

On this venture, you will come across charismatic barges, and bunches of ducks awaiting every corner.

What I love most about this walk is that you can roam from the canal to some country roads, where you will bump into nearby farms and friendly dog walkers.

The walk can be as long as you want it to be, just ensure that you pack some refreshments if you’re planning on a long distance one.

5. Calderstones Park, Allerton

Calderstones Park: image by Georgia Beech

A stunning park, with a scenic boat lake, nestled in the village of Allerton. Calderstones Park is the perfect place to revive your mind amidst the Covid chaos.

The public park is a calm space, with admirable gardens, and riveting history. Although, it is ranked last on my list, this does not infer that it is less superior than the other places!

In times of uncertainty, we need a diversion from the negativity that dominates social media, and mainstream media.

Please take care of your mental health and find time to replenish, and discover some tranquility.

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