A Liverpool guide: The best five places to walk in and around the city

With another lockdown imposed on our city, I wanted to share my favourite outdoor spaces to escape to. A restrictive set of rules has been imposed on Liverpool, as the city has been placed into Tier 3 lockdown. Many have voiced their concerns about their mental wellbeing, especially as winter looms, and the dark nightsContinue reading “A Liverpool guide: The best five places to walk in and around the city”


The clock strikes eight,Like soldiers we stand before our gate.Hands beat together,The NHS revives another life, fragile as a feather.Families flutter past on bikes,We’ve never felt so bird-like.Our old life is now extinct,But this could be what freedom really is, I think. Melodies move through melting air. Laughter echoes here and there.The scent of freshly cutContinue reading “Together”

Climbing, culture, and capricious weather in the beautiful Betsw-y-Coed

Words and Images by Georgia Beech Betsw-y-Coed is a remarkable village in the the Borough of Conwy, North Wales, which offers spectacular sights I visited this jewel, which rests in Snowdonia Forest, on a sunny Sunday with my boyfriend We arrived in the morning hours to make the most of the day, starting with aContinue reading “Climbing, culture, and capricious weather in the beautiful Betsw-y-Coed”

How to make your drab uni room “extra cute”

This is the standard bedroom furniture, which you will without a doubt, come across at some point of being a student. Basic, but extremely useful for adding a sparkle of yourself. The decorative tray I bought from Matalan, for what was only £8!! It makes a bold, colourful statement, whilst also turning the eyes awayContinue reading “How to make your drab uni room “extra cute””

How my perception of Turkey was changed

I’d heard a lot about Turkey before I visited in September of last year.  Things like “make sure you stay in the hotel”, or even, “don’t go there it’s dangerous!” It’s misconceptions like this that can be really damaging to a countries reputation. I mean who wants to spend their whole holiday cooped inside aContinue reading “How my perception of Turkey was changed”