Helloooo! I’ve created this blog to escape to all things I love + obsess with. I hope you enjoy coming with me on my adventures. I’ll also be supplying tips on that big ol’ thing… life

Through blogging, I want to share with you the magical places I have visited, & hopefully give you any heads up, or down, on these destinations

This year I thought it would be a good idea to do a Masters, mainly because I wasn’t ready for the big, scary world (who is). Although I studied English Lit for my honours, I wanted to mix things up a bit, which is why I am now studying journalism

Along the way, I have learnt that I find so much joy in being creative, and my Masters has definitely helped me learn a thing or two! This is why I decided to add a section on poetry. I love the feeling I get after I’ve created a poem. So this blog is just as much for my own pleasure than a way of enhancing skills.

One of my main passions is finding ways to be happier, whether its adapting lifestyle behaviours, or experiencing new things. This is why I wanted to write about Travel, Wellbeing and Beauty, because, for me, all of these factors of life contribute to my overall happiness

As I have got older I have such a thirst for travel, to delve into various cultures through their food, lifestyle & art. Hopefully, this blog will encourage me to travel even more, so I can share my thoughts with you all. I hope you enjoy reading these posts & that you benefit from some of the advice x

A Liverpool guide: The best five places to walk in and around the city

With another lockdown imposed on our city, I wanted to share my favourite outdoor spaces to escape to.

A restrictive set of rules has been imposed on Liverpool, as the city has been placed into Tier 3 lockdown.

Many have voiced their concerns about their mental wellbeing, especially as winter looms, and the dark nights are creeping in.

Despite the constraints, outdoor parks, and green spaces are still accessible, which is why I want to rank my top five walks in and around Liverpool.

  1. Sefton Park, Aigburth
Sefton Park: Image by Georgia Beech

Sefton Park is located in Southern Liverpool, in the quirky village of Aigburth.

This vast green space is thriving with students, and edgy individuals, which distinguishes the place.

There are many different parts to explore, making it a diverting walk for all ages.

Plus, Lark Lane is on the edge of the Park, which offers independent restaurants for those of you wanting to make a day of it.

Although, some businesses may be closed due to Covid, there are still places encouraging the public to eat out.

2. Crosby Beach, Crosby

Crosby Beach: Image by Georgia Beech

Stretched across the Merseyside coastline, Crosby beach offers a spectacular view of the Irish sea with a backdrop of the Welsh mountains.

I aim to visit this beach as much as possible because I feel euphoric after an hours walk along the charming coast.

Personally, I find that life’s difficulties weigh a lot less after gazing into the boundless horizon.

However, the temperature has dropped a great amount in these past few weeks, so make sure you wrap up, and of course abide by social distancing measures.

3. Fairy Glen, Parbold

Fairy Glen: Image by Georgia Beech

Fairy Glen is situated on the outskirts of Liverpool in the countryside of Warrington.

This hidden space, possesses a magic charm, with its tall trees and trickling waterfalls. It truly is beautiful.

Although, it is not a long walk, it is definitely worth a visit.

4. Lydiate loop

Leeds and Liverpool canal: Image by Georgia Beech

The Leeds and Liverpool canal is a picturesque walk in the rural village of Lydiate.

On this venture, you will come across charismatic barges, and bunches of ducks awaiting every corner.

What I love most about this walk is that you can roam from the canal to some country roads, where you will bump into nearby farms and friendly dog walkers.

The walk can be as long as you want it to be, just ensure that you pack some refreshments if you’re planning on a long distance one.

5. Calderstones Park, Allerton

Calderstones Park: image by Georgia Beech

A stunning park, with a scenic boat lake, nestled in the village of Allerton. Calderstones Park is the perfect place to revive your mind amidst the Covid chaos.

The public park is a calm space, with admirable gardens, and riveting history. Although, it is ranked last on my list, this does not infer that it is less superior than the other places!

In times of uncertainty, we need a diversion from the negativity that dominates social media, and mainstream media.

Please take care of your mental health and find time to replenish, and discover some tranquility.

Black Lives Matter

Image: By Georgia Beech

Blazing our own streets, so someone will see our despair,

Lives are lost, white people are starting to care.

Angels are free from the prejudice of race,

Celestial city, unbound from the colour of ones face.

Ku Klax Klan poisoned this earth, but if they bled it would be red, like the blood of a black man.

Listen now before it is too late!

Inequality exists, and so does hate.

Venture to a place in yourself, full of love and compassion,

Empathy is key and so is your passion.

Sail further than you were raised, let the anchor go, and follow your rage

My heart beats with yours,

And I know I will never know what it is like,

To walk down the street and see a policeman waiting to strike.

Togetherness will get us where we need to be,

Equality is what we want and need to see.

Remember those who the angels have taken, for now it is time for society to awaken.  

By Georgia Beech


The clock strikes eight,
Like soldiers we stand before our gate.
Hands beat together,
The NHS revives another life, fragile as a feather.
Families flutter past on bikes,
We’ve never felt so bird-like.
Our old life is now extinct,
But this could be what freedom really is, I think.

Melodies move through melting air. 
Laughter echoes here and there.
The scent of freshly cut grass disperses,  
Most of us safe, except our precious nurses.
Holidays are put on hold,
But as we open our books, imaginations unfold
Escaping to places a plane could
Never take us, discovering our buried childhood.

We are apart from friends, yet closer than we can measure,
Reminded of the value of those we treasure.
A twilight sky: it’s time to talk,
We dial a number, venturing on a walk.
Roads hum with resurrected nature,
A stillness in the likeness of a glacier.
Humanity is more alive than ever,
In solitude, we are together

By Georgia Beech

Climbing, culture, and capricious weather in the beautiful Betsw-y-Coed

Words and Images by Georgia Beech

Betsw-y-Coed is a remarkable village in the the Borough of Conwy, North Wales, which offers spectacular sights

I visited this jewel, which rests in Snowdonia Forest, on a sunny Sunday with my boyfriend

We arrived in the morning hours to make the most of the day, starting with a much-needed English Breaky

It was roughly a one hour car journey to Betws-y-Coed from Chester, and by this time me and my boyfriend were absolutely famished (obviously)

Snowdonia Station cafe: Image by Georgia Beech

The Snowdonia Station cafe was the first place we found, and due to our greedy bellies, we were reluctant to spend anymore time searching for food

This cafe was fairly standard in terms of service, but I have to admit I did enjoy the train station theme of the place

It also offered a variety of veggie, and vegan food, as well as delicious sausages

As I knew we had a big day ahead, I opted for a veggie breakfast, because I find it makes me feel more energised, and less groggy than a meaty one

I’d say there were definitely cuter cafes to try out in the village, but I would recommend this if you just fancy a filling, and fairly priced meal

Deeper into Betws-y-Coed: Image by Georgia Beech

A completely awe-inspiring scenery was within walking distance from the shopping retail

I suddenly became very excitable, and eager to explore the fairytale-like Falls

A local resident said: “You must go and see Swallow Falls whilst you are here, everyone travels to see it!”

Information board: Image by Georgia Beech

There are multiple routes you can take to hike around the Falls, which lead to different aspects of the Fall

Foolishly, me and Jake thought we were fit enough to tackle the 10km walk (I panted like a thirsty dog the whole time)

Snowdonia Forest: By Georgia Beech

The steep, incline walk up the mountains was a real struggle for me

However, I could just about make out the distant murmur of the Waterfalls over the sound of my own raged breathing

The sensational sound reminded me of the purpose of our Sunday hike, and ultimately kept me going

Llyn Elsie: Image by Georgia Beech

Two hours into our tough walk we discovered a hidden lake (Lake Llyn Elsie), which is buried deep into the heart of the Forest

It was surprisingly stunning, and we stood in awe just taking in the landscape for a short while

We also took this opportunity to get an ‘adorable’ selfie #ForTheGram

Selfie: By Georgia Beech

Continuing our walk we started to notice some drastic weather changes

The higher we climbed, the more bi-polar the weather was becoming, and we certainly had not dressed well for the occasion

It began hail-stoning, and at this point we were above the trees, where there was nothing to shield us from the stones hitting our non-waterproof clothing

A bit of advice, please please please take a bottle of water, and clothing that won’t allow you to become a drowned rat (like me)

Above the Tree Tops: Image By Georgia Beech

Being above the tree tops is a surreal experience

It enabled me to see past any barriers I had in my life, and gave me a big hug of self-accomplishment

What I enjoyed about this town is how they have protected the historical value, which made it even more of an unforgettable experience

For me, the place evoked feelings of magic, taking me to another time, one where anything is possible

Part of Swallow Falls: Image By Georgia Beech

I dream of travelling back to this beauteous place, and I intend to explore more of what it has to offer

For more information on Betws-y-Coed I have added some links you may find useful:



Autumn Dream

Image By Georgia Beech

Golden pools of light,

Take me to a dream in Autumn.

Where the fluttering leaves paint the road

Every shade of orange.

A road which I know to be safe, like home.

Oh this Autumn dream, it warms my soul!

Like a fire crackling, igniting…

I melt.

But just like the seasons change,

So do you.

Today you take me to a day of Spring,

Where a replenished meadow

Glistens to the wakening Sun.

Those pastoral gardens,

Which cultivate my soul.

By Georgia Beech

How to make your drab uni room “extra cute”

Basic student chest of drawers transformed through elaborate decor (Image: By Georgia Beech)

This is the standard bedroom furniture, which you will without a doubt, come across at some point of being a student.

Basic, but extremely useful for adding a sparkle of yourself.

The decorative tray I bought from Matalan, for what was only £8!!

It makes a bold, colourful statement, whilst also turning the eyes away from the unimpressive drawers.

Matalan has lots of cute homey statements, most of which are in the student budget of under a tenner.

To get a tad more extra with my chest of drawers, I ventured onto Amazon where I treated myself to two matching makeup brush holders- (for my many, many makeup brushes).

These ceramic, marbled pots were about a tenner each, but there were plenty more on Amazon that were more affordable.

I have to admit though, the mirror is my all time favourite.

I managed to grab this mirror at the Dunelm sale a few years back.

Dunelm always seems to have eccentric mirrors on offer, which scream “buy me”!!! So I did hehe…

Birds eye view of my drawers (Image: By Georgia Beech)

(Also, got to have a pair of lashes handy a long with the chaotic lifestyle of a student!!!)

I spoke to a few other students about ways they have added some flavour to the bland walls of a student rental.

Student Grace, aged 21, said:

I used a colour theme (pink of course!!!), which makes my boring uni room a bit more exciting.

The green carpets, and curtains was definitely a no go for me.”

Grace also added:

“I also invested in some fairy lights, and candles to make the room nice, and cosy.”

Fake plants are essential too, as it makes the room extra cute!

Living away from home can be challenging at times, which is why I enjoy bringing my most precious memories with me.

Make sure you find room for your favourite pictures, as it helps bring your room to life.

Previous student Tom, aged 23, provided his tips on spicing a uni room up. Tom said:

“I loved and still love buying oil burners.”

” Also, GOOD bedding is a must in my opinion, spend good money on good bedding.”

I filled my wardrobe up with all the photos from first year of uni, it’s always funny to be reminded of memories, good and bad.

“Then, I pinned up the next place I wanted to travel, so that it was a daily reminder to keep pushing myself towards my goal.”

Desk and bookshelf (Image: By Georgia Beech)

Something I underestimated before I came to uni, was the power of storage boxes.

They really have made a massive difference to my overall organisation.

It’s so easy to just lash all your fiddly bits into one drawer, and lose your micellar water.

I’ve found organising my products really beneficial, and just gives off a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Desk from an angle (Image: By Georgia Beech)

The geometric styled shelf, (behind the circular mirror), I discovered in the home department of Primark.

Primark is another great place for quirky statements, and with this one, in particular, adds a modern touch.

Plus, it’s very useful for carrying my many scented candles, which I find essential after a stressful day.

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How my perception of Turkey was changed

I’d heard a lot about Turkey before I visited in September of last year.  Things like “make sure you stay in the hotel”, or even, “don’t go there it’s dangerous!” It’s misconceptions like this that can be really damaging to a countries reputation. I mean who wants to spend their whole holiday cooped inside a hotel resort? But sometimes you need to find this out for yourself, even if it does mean taking a risk.

Me and my boyfriend (Jake), were encouraged to travel to Turkey by a local travel agent. I voiced my concern to the woman, explaining some of the reasons I’d prefer to go Spain (well we Brits love Spain). However, the woman reassured me that most places in Turkey are perfectly safe, and that a lot of these ‘rumours’ are that; rumours. Funnily enough, our hotel was selected by this lady after my boyfriend jokingly said he wanted a hotel with at least three slides. Obviously, not everyone has the same sense of humour, meaning this poor woman would not settle until she found a resort with three slides. I honestly had to work very hard to keep my composure at this point.

Finally, we settled on a resort that met Jake’s need of waterslides, and my desire of a beach hotel. The resort we chose was Club Tuana, just 13km from Fethiye. I was amazed at the sheer size of the club. In fact we were escorted to our room by a golf cart (very extra, I know). Activities were being carried out in various areas of the complex, creating an exciting and welcoming atmosphere.

But this isn’t an advertisement for a hotel. I want to tell you about the grandeur of Fethiye’s natural scenery. We were lucky to be walking distance from a pier, which stretched over the sea to some harbouring boats. These boats would often take visitors to nearby islands, which were strikingly visible from our local beach. One day, Jake and I ventured to a few different islands via a speed boat. When visiting Turkey I would without a doubt recommend saving some of yours spends for this. You won’t regret it.

The speed boat adventure was the highlight of our holiday. There was time set aside to tryout snorkeling too! The caves were spectacular, each cave unique to it’s natural evolution. But what made this experience so breathtaking was just how clear the sea was. I’d never swam in such clean water. I kept looking down at my feet in utter disbelief. Snorkelling didn’t go quite to plan though, before the holiday I got semi-permanent eyelashes and this pose as quite a problem with the goggles. If you’re wanting to try out snorkelling on holiday I would really advise not to wear semi-permanent eyelashes. Once that glue is in your eye it BURNS. Alternatively, I would suggest trying LVL lashes, because this just lifts your natural lashes so shouldn’t cause harm to your eyes in the salty water.


Image 2

As the day progressed, we would want to find nice cocktail bars. Fortunately, the city of Fethiye was just a taxi ride away. I found Fethiye both calm, and ecstatic. The natural harbour was very refreshing, with many boats sat along the port offering boat trips, and meals. Along the harbour were various restaurants, from burger bars to fancy Italian dishes. Needless to say, every restaurant had a fantastic view of the coast. You just can’t beat a sea view whilst tucking into some tasty food. Away from the port is where the night life was most energetic. Like most cities, Fethiye had many streets dedicated to pubs and clubs.

One thing I will say about travelling to Fethiye, you must beware of perfume sellers. We got conned into buying fake perfumes, which we knew were fake, but the man selling these bottles was very pushy. After that run in we avoided these men at all cost. Once you engage in a conversation with them they will be very persuasive. Apart from that, we didn’t experience any other kind of menace. These street sellers are just trying to make a living, but unless you want to buy an Yves Saint Laurent bottle, which literally falls apart at the first spray then I wouldn’t advise it.

So, if you’re debating visiting Turkey then there are places you can go, which are stunning, and safe. You need to find these things out for yourself. Don’t let judgements discourage you too much, you may end up having the best holiday of your life. It was mine and Jake’s first holiday together, and it is one we will always remember.

By Georgia Beech

How I am tackling the January blues

Laughton-en-le-Morthen, South Yorkshire : By Georgia Beech

The joyous cheer of Christmas, which rang in the air has now quietened 🥺

If you’re like me January is, without doubt, the most difficult month of the year😣

It’s no longer acceptable to eat slabs of cheese like it’s toast, or add a shot of Baileys to your hot choc☕️

So, how are we supposed to add a splash of cheer to this ‘dry’ month?

Well, I have a very effective and AFFORDABLE way (let’s be honest Christmas has rinsed us all)

My answer is exposing myself to as much of the outdoors as possible. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s bloody freezing!!”

But, it is so, so important. And here’s why…

When the darker nights creep in, I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s my instinct to stay under the covers that bit longer, and avoid going anywhere that isn’t in a car🙅🏻‍♀️

• This is the WORST thing you can do.

• Lack of sunlight can lower serotonin levels, (the happy hormone) so I find I need to expose myself to as much light as possible 💡

Personally, walking benefits my moods the most because I’m releasing those essential endorphins, making me a happier bunny🐇

I also find that walking somewhere that’s splendorous, like the picture above, helps repair my perception & I am once again ready to tackle January 🌷

Nature never did betray / The heart that loved her

-William Wordsworth



On the 18th of December, me and my boyfriend had our Christmasy city break in Dublin 🎄🗾💫

Seeing the city for the first time (on a v rainy and windy day!!!), I found that marvelling at the buildings was enough entertainment in itself🙌

If you’re travelling to a city, it’s always good to go for somewhere aesthetically pleasing, just incase the weather tries to intrude🌧

Although Dublin’s architecture was stunning, it was the culture itself which I found made the city come to life🍻

Never have I experienced a bar where an elderly man in the corner starts belting out an Irish song 🤣

We did A LOT considering we only had three days such as, the Guinness Storehouse, Arnotts, the Catherdral and Dublins’s iconic castle…

I’d 100000% recommend the Guinness Storehouse simply because you literally experience Dublin’s history in just a few hours, and more importantly get a nice cold pint of Guinness ahhhh.

Speaking of history, part of the Scouse accent is derived from drunk Irish sailors, which as a Scouse bird, made the experience even more interesting for me🙌